About Kola Nut Productions

Kola Nut Productions are a coalition created with a common belief that global tourism should have a positive impact on the environment, local culture and human rights. Through exciting multimedia content, Kola Nut Productions contributes to this belief by producing professional high quality travel films and photography which are used for promoting sustainable tourist projects, ecotourist projects, charities and NGOs.

Kola Nut Productions was co-founded by Rich and Katrina, two inspired individuals from London. Their love for adventure, film, photography and action is what lead them on the journey but after a short spell with Kola Nut Productions Katrina decided to pursue other dreams and left on a new adventure. Kola Nut Productions continues in her absence and is still committed to using passions for creativity as tools for proactive social consciousness and would like you to become part of that journey.

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” - Miriam Beard

About Rich

Rich is a videographer and designer based in London. His career path, has taken him around the world filming and designing material for a diverse range of individuals and organisations. His love for capturing life on film, has prompted the idea that his camera, backpack and the open road offers endless opportunities for him to put his passions into positive action. Applying his skills he aims to create small steps that shape a fairer travel world.

He believes that Kola Nut Productions can help end the damaging effects often perpetrated, by those who view the needs of travellers as more important than the local people and surrounding environment such travellers come into contact with.


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Kola Nut Productions make high quality travel films and photography for use in promoting charities, NGOs and sustainable tourism destinations around the world.