Bedouin House Camp, Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

The Wadi Rum Desert, also known as the Valley of the Moon is a stunning protected landscape in the depths of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Deep amongst the sand dunes and rugged landscape lies Bedouin House Camp. A simple camp preserving bedouin lifestyle and stunning nature, offering the exploring wanderer an insight into ancient, sustainable, nomadic life.

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Bedouin House Camp is situated in a protected area and there are now many conservation projects underway to safeguard both its unique landscape and ecology and to raise awareness among local people and visitors.

Three examples include:
  • The main tracks through the desert are being graded and rationalized to create one main network for tourist vehicles and thereby reduce the widespread damage to desert habitats caused by "free-for-all" driving
  • Small craft enterprises and other income generating projects are being developed to make the protected area more relevant to the lives local people.
  • Education and outreach programmes are being implemented to promote the importance of the protected area and encourage local communities and visitors to participate in its conservation.


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Kola Nut Productions enjoyed making our promotional video and supporting Bedouin House Camp in the beautiful Wadi Rum desert.