Dar Tassa, Ouirgane, High Atlas Mountains, Morroco

A sanctuary tucked away in the stunning High Atlas mountains- Dar Tassa shares its home with the small Berber village of Ouirgane. Not only do guests find themselves in awe with the dramatic beautiful landscape, they also find themselves being part of a project that is actively empowering local people and preserving the surrounding nature. Staying at Dar Tassa becomes so much more than a peaceful mountain escape.

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The core values and principles of Dar Tassa Guest House and its owners are:

  • The employment of local people in the maintenance and running of the guesthouse.
  • A marketing platform for community initiatives, harnessing money for development projects.
  • Maintaining and encouraging the practice and revival of local skills and traditions.
  • Empowerment of local people and their involvement in Dar Tassa's activities.
  • The conserving of biodiversity and cultural exchange through responsible tourism.
  • Working with the local association and school in introducing environmentally friendly living.
  • Actively assisting in the preserving of the regal Barbary Sheep Reserve.
  • Ensuring that all their activities are environmentally friendly.


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To learn more about what Dar Tassa offers, visit their website; www.dartassa.co.uk

or contact them directly: dartassa@specialistmorocco.com

The filming and photography shown above were completed in Feburary 2012. We tell you the date of completion because as you know places and their surrounding areas can change over time. To read our full disclaimer information click here.


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Kola Nut Productions was happy to work with Dar Tassa in February 2012 in promoting their beautuful sustainable tourism destination.