The UK Wolf Conservation Trust, Beenham, Berkshire, England

In this remote part of the english countryside, surrounded by lush fields and soaring buzzards, a protected area has been built, where wonderous wolves roam and fascinated visitors stand in awe. Home to 8 wolves, the UKWCT acts as a platform to educate the public and raise money for world wide wolf conservation projects. Many countries have made these native creatures extinct and many more are unfortunately facing the same fate, that's why the work of UKWCT is crucial, crucial in the protection of wolves and critical in conserving life.

Watch the Kola Nut Productions promotional video for
the UK Wolf Conservation Trust (26/04/13)

The core objectives of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust:

Three examples include:
  • To enhance public awareness and knowledge of wild wolves and their place in the ecosystem.
  • To provide opportunities for ethological research and other research that may improve the lives of wolves both in captivity and in the wild.
  • To raise money to help fund wolf related conservation projects around the world.
  • To provide wolf related education programmes for young people and adults


5 photographs of the beautiful UK Wolf Conservation Trust's ambassador wolves:


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The filming and photography shown above were completed in April 2013. We tell you the date of completion because as you know places and their surrounding areas can change over time. To read our full disclaimer information click here.


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Kola Nut Productions worked with The UK Wolf Conservation Trust in April 2013 to make a wolf conservation video and we our proud to support the UKWCT, global wolf conservation and education projects teaching people about wolves and telling them why they need protecting.